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Art as teleportation via the internet

27 Aug

Artist Mariele Neudecker has expressed a fascination for the ability to create art in multiple locations simultaneously, via the internet.
Mariele Neudecker visual artist

‘Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived’ (2000) is her sculpture of a stretched skull based on the skull in Holbein’s painting ‘The Ambassadors.’ Her 3D digital image of the skull is machine-carved out of resin. ‘The stereo lithography machine cut that 3 dimensional, virtual object out into resin,’ she says of the new technology, which she sees as ‘a kind of a forerunner of teleportation, I suppose, because in theory, you could have a computer sitting in Cardiff and send all the information and data down to Australia, and have the machine cut out exactly the same object. You can put any object, any three dimensional object, from the computer into reality’ (Neudecker, 2002).


Retro style, now technology

13 Aug

Photographer Rodney Smith has a sophisticated, very slick website, with a carefully thought out favicon and a bundle of resources geared to make you sign up for newsletters. Smart move!

His portfolio is very easy to use: hover over the thumbnails, and see a large version pop up. Fast, elegant and no going backwards and forwards or opening a new page. Smooth…

Rodney Smith portfolio page

Of course, Mr Smith now blogs, and his call for ‘technofiles and blogorithms’ is put across in rather nice typography:

Blog by Rodney Smith

Independence, interdependence, internet art and home-made conspiracy theories

4 Aug

Which US corporations have directors on the board of other institutions? What are the links? Designer Josh On collated data from 2004, and made it available on, and interactive website that allows you to mix and match the data and create your own theories on what the vested interests might be…

Josh says:
[In 2004] ‘There was a rise in the antiglobalization movement, there were more and more interest in social networks on different fronts and there was the dotcom crash. I think people were looking for anything that was exciting, that was happening on the internet and wasn’t commercial.’

Art and online activism: RTMark

3 Aug

Art and online activism, a history:


I’m on the Internet

1 Aug
Im on the internet icon

I like this profile icon by Deborah Ng!