Can nobodies influence people? Yes, if they are nice…

28 Jul

Here is a bit of online networking: I’m sharing some links that I think are very interesting for current and potential users of social media. Of course you polite and nice people have plenty of netiquette and do good things online anyway, but do I do recommend that you read Kirsty Hall’s blog post on how to to Succeed Online. It explains clearly how the popular ownership of the internet works.

However, the view that the internet gives voice to the people is contested by some, starting from the fact that since Web 2.0 appeared mid-decade ago, the use of templates has multiplied, and online aesthetics are more uniform as a result (of course, it does help to put doornoobs on the same place on every door). I needn’t mention firewalls, the litigated monopolies of browsers and search engines, and other examples of corporate and governmental domination…

‘The internet was meant to change our idea of influence, drawing it away from a few and distributing it among the many. And while that is true more people have access to the vast online community through viral sensations and Twitter followings, real influence seems to remain stubbornly in a few hands,’ says P. Delves Broughton, writing for the Evening Standard. In the article he introduces the Influence Project, created to test if the number of followers corresponds to the amount of influence a user has. Want to test yours?

Fast Company - The online Influence Project

‘Connected: The amazing power of social networks and how they shape our lives’ is a podcast by Nicholas Christakis on how online AND offline social networks can make you fat, make lots of friends or influence people:

RSA event on social networks

For a deeper scholarly discussion, read sociologist Amitai Etzioni’s ‘Strength in Numbers’, RSA Journal (Autumn 2009) p. 24-27


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