Belief and the mysterious reality of the internet

24 Jul

I’m back on the subject of how the internet may alter perceptions of what’s true, amidst the millions of anonymous cybernauts who could be hideously fake people, posers with malevolent-intentions, or just those who like pseudonyms, alter egos and cross-dressing, for art’s sake or otherwise…

I recently met an artist who confessed that she sometimes poses as a man when making initial online contact with galleries or in other situations where she feels that her ‘masculine self’ would perform better – or be better received (There would be lots to say on gender inequality, but this is not the place). Pause for thought…

Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez has recently had great media success, and a good deal of controversy, with an artwork for which she created a persona ‘Katy Salinas’, whose blog, Facebook account, and other online presences led many (over 15,000 visitors) to believe that ‘Katy’ was a real person. The controversy was fueled by the potent topic Yolanda had made part of the work, which is how much importance do we give physical appearance, and whether we increasingly demand unrealistic levels of ‘beauty’ from older people. If you can read Spanish, here is one article. You also still read Katy’s blog. Will stories like this make us loose faith in what we encounter online? Or are we too wary and skeptical of the internet’s Big Brother  mysteries and dangers anyway?

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