16 Jul

disgracebook txt

If this story is true, it would be interesting to know what the other party (Facebook) have to say about it. A technical glitch that makes someones whole data disappear for 3 weeks is pretty scary, for a company whose business is to store the personal data of millions of users…
If it isn’t true, and I’ve no opinion either way, then it an amusing online manipulation of  information. Truth on the Internet is perhaps less universal than epistemologists would like.

disgracebookThe veracity of photography as  a faithful depiction of reality in the media was once taken for granted, although analogue manipulations have existed for as long as the medium itself. Likewise, the news-reporting of the world as appeared in print media and early TV used to be thought of as indisputable. The question is, how much of the web do we believe and why?

From hackers, to Big Brother monitoring systems, to people being able to create their own ‘news’, the internet is a field where truth can be made by the users.


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