11 Jun

In the last few weeks, I’ve received too many emails that make visible a whole load of email addresses of complete strangers, conversely giving them mine. Of course, friends of friends and most decent people are not going to spam me and sell me viagra, but it still concerns me that people have such little awareness of spreading personal information in bulk.

The annoying bit is when organisations do it. I have recently received bulk emails from an East London art gallery (who obviously leaves their admin to an inexperienced, unpaid intern), an international institution, a small arts organisation (still learning, bless ’em), and -most shockingly- a digital marketing company. Some of the recipients of the latter must have jumped for joy at the chance to spam me their offers… all of which went straight to my black list – starting with the digital marketing company that has no clue about it’s own business, evidently!

So for those starting an e-newsletter or still not quite with the idea that the internet is about sharing – but with caution and respect (would you give the home addresses and phone numbers of your friends to complete strangers?), check out some netiquette sites and learn how to ‘undisclose’ your recipients.

TIP #1:

  1. Write “Undisclosed Recipients” in the To: field, followed by your email address in “<,>” braces. (It should look like: “Undisclosed Recipients <>”).
  2. Put all the email addresses of the people you want to mail in the Bcc: field (separated by commas). It will look something like: “;,”.
  3. Write your message.
  4. Send it.

TIP #2: If you send emails to undisclosed recipients frequently, you can add your own email address to your address book with “Undisclosed” as the first and “recipients” as the last name. Instead of filling in the To: field manually, you can then use the address book entry.


2 Responses to “Netiquette”

  1. D Mikula 14 June 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    I got phished on facebook by clicking on a link directly. The apple store helped me get my facebook acct back and told me to enter facebook only through the main login site so it is better perhaps to enter by typing in artexposure etc. My problems came from a close friend’s University email address or from deptfordx facebook link.


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    […] current and potential users of social media. Of course you polite and nice people have plenty of netiquette and do good things online anyway, but do I do recommend that you read Kirsty Hall’s blog post […]

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